The Infield Grass 2.0

When I started this blog in 2011, it was my plan to keep it up with commentary, observations and game recaps for the Texas Rangers and MLB. It was a noble goal – one that I proudly carried through for a season. But, after that season, I was exhausted. I just couldn’t bring myself to make the commitment to write for the 2012 season.

So I missed it. Then I declined to blog about the 2013 season. I was too busy working with my new job. I didn’t want to work on this blog and give a half-ass effort.

It’s now 2014. I’ve had the itch to get back to writing, but I was steadily balancing myself atop a proverbial fence, waiting for the wind to come along and blow me one way or another.

Well, Ian Kinsler has provided that wind (and quite a bit extra hot air). I’m ready to get back to it. But not without some changes. First and foremost, I cannot guarantee that I will have daily posts or game recaps. More likely, I will offer a “week in review” type of post and throw in assorted posts about something that has intrigued me. I don’t want to saturate the already flooded interwebs with meaningless babble. I want to offer quality observation and, hopefully, share with you my love of Texas Rangers baseball.

With that, I say Welcome to The Infield Grass 2.0. Enjoy reading!


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