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More Than A Year…Really?

Wow, it has been more than year since I’ve posted anything to this blog. That is sad, much like the Rangers’ season last year.  I really have no excuse other than the fact that the past 14 months have been hectic.  I’ll work on correcting this problem.

Like posts in the past, updates will carry Ranger news and opinion from myself.  I’ll also be adding a new addition to The Infield Grass.  I’ve recently jumped back into the world of baseball card collecting, so I will be creating an area just for that.  It will highlight some of my best hits as well as additions to my autograph collection.  What makes a 30-year-old man get back into card collecting?  Well, boredom and free time are a good catalyst, and an inspiration like Pat Neshek is a pretty good motor.  So there you go.

Along with my once-lost-but-now-found hobby comes the chance to “meet” some cool new people and find interesting blogs. Andrew is a young collector that has started his own box break group. I’ve bought into his first break, which will also be my first break (I purchased three teams – the Rangers, Nats and Giants, and will be assigned three more. Here’s to hoping for a Bryce Harper auto).  Through Andrew, I came across William’s blog.  William has a ton of interesting stuff on his blog, as well as photos of his collection of baseballs autographed by Hall of Fame baseball players. This is very similar to another one of my (related) hobbies – collecting autographed baseballs from every major league player to wear a Rangers uniform.  Check his spot out if you have a chance.

Again, I can’t believe that I have been gone a year, especially considering how well we kept up the season before.  I’m flying solo this year, so bear with me as I try to make time to keep this updated. And check out my new card page!