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More Than A Year…Really?

Wow, it has been more than year since I’ve posted anything to this blog. That is sad, much like the Rangers’ season last year.  I really have no excuse other than the fact that the past 14 months have been hectic.  I’ll work on correcting this problem.

Like posts in the past, updates will carry Ranger news and opinion from myself.  I’ll also be adding a new addition to The Infield Grass.  I’ve recently jumped back into the world of baseball card collecting, so I will be creating an area just for that.  It will highlight some of my best hits as well as additions to my autograph collection.  What makes a 30-year-old man get back into card collecting?  Well, boredom and free time are a good catalyst, and an inspiration like Pat Neshek is a pretty good motor.  So there you go.

Along with my once-lost-but-now-found hobby comes the chance to “meet” some cool new people and find interesting blogs. Andrew is a young collector that has started his own box break group. I’ve bought into his first break, which will also be my first break (I purchased three teams – the Rangers, Nats and Giants, and will be assigned three more. Here’s to hoping for a Bryce Harper auto).  Through Andrew, I came across William’s blog.  William has a ton of interesting stuff on his blog, as well as photos of his collection of baseballs autographed by Hall of Fame baseball players. This is very similar to another one of my (related) hobbies – collecting autographed baseballs from every major league player to wear a Rangers uniform.  Check his spot out if you have a chance.

Again, I can’t believe that I have been gone a year, especially considering how well we kept up the season before.  I’m flying solo this year, so bear with me as I try to make time to keep this updated. And check out my new card page!

Rangers Sign Two to Minor League Deals; Oswalt Still a Possibility?

Hopefully you’ve had time for your Super Bowl heartbreak to heal (I preferred to see the Patriots beat the Giants, but that obviously didn’t happen), but here’s some Rangers news for you.

Today the Rangers signed two players – OF/1B Conor Jackson and LHP Joe Beimel (please click that link and tell me how scary Beimel looks, damn frightening!) – to minor league deals with invites to Spring Training today.  Beimel may serve as the veteran left-handed reliever the Rangers are looking for with the departure of Darren Oliver.  Don’t expect the Rangers to abandon their pursuit of lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez, however. Continue reading

Thoughts on the Josh Hamilton Incident

In case you haven’t heard, the Dallas Morning News and Twitter (see here, here, and here for instance) were all abuzz with news that Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton was spotted at Sherlock’s in Dallas drinking.  Hamilton spent the majority of his early career suspended from baseball because of a nasty drug habit that was accompanied by an attraction to the drink. After turning to faith and surrounding himself with a very strong support system, he finally changed his life and got back on the right track.

This post is not about baseball.  This post is about two things: first, the terrible disease that is alcoholism; second, how social media, especially Twitter, have led to the degradation of “breaking news” journalism.  Hamilton had a moment of weakness in 2009 when he was photographed at an Arizona bar, clearly intoxicated.  He said that he had strayed from his faith and made a poor decision.  No public statement has been made in regards to the current situation.  However, for those that want to claim the moral high road and have the “I told you so” attitude, I say this: alcoholism is something that one can never truly cure themselves of.  There are setbacks.  What the alcoholic needs in that situation is the help of his family and friends, and less of the people who want to condemn him from his action.  For those who say that this is a clear indication of the player that Hamilton is – this did not happen during the season and it does not concern the season (for now).

The second point I want to make concerns the idea of Twitter and “breaking news”.  When people can throw something on the Internet instantaneously without checking their sources, bad reporting happens.  A perfect example of this comes from none other than Jon Morosi (who I consider to be a poor-quality journalist, anyway) in this Tweet.  Some will say he was merely quoting a local news affiliate, but as a national writer his job is to verify the information he reports before he puts it out there.  You can see the responses to this Tweet, condemning Kinsler for what they viewed as irresponsible. However, Mr. Morosi wises up and clarifies the situation in this Tweet, noting that Kinsler was there to try to get Hamilton home, not to drink with him.  Notice there are no responses on this one.  Anyone who uses Twitter to “break” news should be taken out behind a woodshed and beaten with a large stick.

But I digress.  Josh had a setback, my prayers are with him and his family as they deal with this disease.  This does not change the amount of good Josh has done for our community and we have no reason to condemn him.

Prince Fielder: That (Didn’t) Happen

Prince Fielder goes to the Tigers for 9 years and $200+ million.  So all of the consideration and prediction from my last post was pointless. For that price tag, I’m glad it didn’t.  We’ve seen what happens when the team puts all their financial eggs in one basket (ahem, A-Rod). It doesn’t work out well for us.  Here’s why not signing fielder is a good thing. Continue reading


According to team officials, Hamilton will miss 6-8 weeks with a broken bone in his shoulder.

The question now becomes who is getting the call-up from Round Rock?  Since Moreland can play the outfield, my suggestion is to bring up Chris Davis.  Give him his “final chance” to show something, much like Nelson Cruz had to do a couple years back.  Davis has been killing it at Triple A, and he could very well increase his trade value for a mid-season ace acquisition.

UPDATE: Davis has in fact been called up to fill Hamilton’s roster spot.