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Rangers, Andrus Agree to New Deal Before Arbitration Hearing

The Rangers and SS Elvis Andrus have agreed to a three-year, roughly $15 million deal before going to Thursday’s scheduled arbitration hearing.  With three years of service in the bigs, Andrus essentially allowed his remaining three arbitration-eligible years to be bought out by the team.  This prevents the Rangers and Andrus from going through the arbitration process in the future.  With Andrus signed, the Rangers only have OF Nelson Cruz and C/1B/DH Mike Napoli left for arbitration eligible players. Continue reading

Prince Fielder: That (Didn’t) Happen

Prince Fielder goes to the Tigers for 9 years and $200+ million.  So all of the consideration and prediction from my last post was pointless. For that price tag, I’m glad it didn’t.  We’ve seen what happens when the team puts all their financial eggs in one basket (ahem, A-Rod). It doesn’t work out well for us.  Here’s why not signing fielder is a good thing. Continue reading

A Case for Starting Mike Napoli

I need to admit that I was a fan of Matt Treanor and his trade to Kansas City was not my favorite move made by Jon Daniels.  I also need to admit that signing Yorvit Torrealba in the offseason was not one of my favorite moves.  I can say that, however, trading for Mike Napoli has proven to be one of my favorite moves in recent memory. Continue reading